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Waretown Volunteer Fire Co #1 was incorporated in November, 1939. Prior to this, the Barnegat Fire Company answered Waretown's calls and were appropriated a few hundred dollars in the township budget. During World War II, most of the eligible men were in the service so the Fire Company was inactive.


It reorganized in 1944 and the rules were amended to allow sixteen to eighteen year old boys to join. The first fire truck was a 1935 Ford and it was housed in the basement of Town Hall. The second truck was a 1946 forest fire truck with a tank and a small motor for a pump on the side. The Fire Company purchased the surplus truck from the Forest Fire Service for $300.00


In 1952, the Fire House was constructed on the present site and it consisted of two fire truck bays.


By 1967 the Township was growing and the Fire Company added two bays and the meeting hall. A second addition, built in 1975, provided three additional bays. In 1999 overall improvements were made to better accommodate Saturday night Bingo and Hall rentals.

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